Brokolinos Mark Book


Hello and wham welcome to Brokolinos Mark Book

In Brokolinos Mark Book you are allowed for free download your own
Colouring pages, or simply to print and paint it in (so far more than 3500)
These colouring pages for free are all available in Vector-PDF Format,
Allowing you to always get a brilliant print out.

For print out the colouring pages and paint those in you need to download
And install Adobe Acrobat Reader (available for free on the Website of Adobe).
 If you don’t know to does that just ask your parents for help.
Illustrated on some pages in this Mark Book you will find directly under the
Pictures what for Windowcolor is.

Therefore some hints for handling this application.

If you want to print colouring pages, you simply need to click on the coloured Picture of the respective colouring page. Automatically the printing application will launch where you could configure some preset tings. First of all there is the zoom function (you will see the + and – symbol beside the figure in the middle of the window. On behalf of this option you are able to view the colouring page smaller or bigger. For printing you have two options:
1) clicking directly on the printer icon
2) you go the pull down menu, then click on file/ print.
The easiest quickest way is the first one.

By clicking on the printer icon a new windows is popping up. In this window you should check in any case the presetting.

On the right upper corner of the windows you will see the,, properties” –button. Pleas click on that. Now a second window opens up. There you could do some Preset tings e.g. set paper format or the paper source. In the majority of cases you don’t, have to change it.

More interesting are those Settings who are on the bottom: Optimal, normal, draft, and User-defend. If you set the checkbox there onto normal this will suffice to get a print out of a Good quality.

If you set the checkbox onto draft the quality will be worse but You are saving ink. With this option checked printing will be fast. But most Important will be to select: - between black and white and colours - : Because in the painting book all the colouring pages are prepared in black and white we recommend printing them also black and white. You will save time and ink.

On most of the printers you could leave all other options as they are configured. All colouring pages in this painting book are self made. They are free of charge and in a very good quality. And like it is, will also remain.

If you like the painting book please tell others where they can get colouring pages for free.

But as well the mark collecting mains and painting pictures real are can
See it only if l which printed out.

The mark book pleases you says it please further, where on can get these mark
collecting mains free of charge ago.

Thus also different children no more mark
Collecting mains or painting pictures to buy must. All the same whether to paint, or as window pictures with Windocolor.


Have lot of fun with the Mark Book for free and colouring pages!